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  • The Coalition's Gender-Responsive Standards and Assessment Tool for Girls' Programs is complete! (Contact Pam Patton for information )


  • Opportunities for Implementing Trauma-Informed Practice in Girls' Facilities, Candice Norcott, adapted from Stephanie Covington and Barbara Bloom, adapted from: National Resource Center on Justice-Involved Women. Contact Coalition for copy


2013 Annual Meeting

January 30th: Celebrating the "20th Anniversary of the passage of the Equal Access Law"

Keynote Speaker: Kate Brown, Secretary of State, introduced Equal Access bill in 1993
Young Woman Speaker: Pamela Butler, Former foster child, CFFO Policy Manager, Coalition     Board Member


2012 Meeting Presentations

October 5th: "2012 Training"

Strengthening the Impact of our Work With Girls

January 25th: Annual Meeting

Attendees heard the State of the Coalition Address and guest speakers discussed the power of girls and women.

Keynote Speakers were Sally Eck, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Instructor at PSU, and Ibeth from Self Enhancement Inc.    

2011 Meeting Presentations

October 26th: "Where Are All the Girls"

Where are all the girls that used to be in our state facility and in our residential programs? The numbers of girls in Juvenile Justice have significantly decreased (52% decrease in the number of young women adjudicated/referrals in the past 10 years) as have the number of girls in the OYA facility/transition program and OYA, Child Welfare and Alcohol and Drug residential programs. Attendees will learn how Statewide Children's Wraparound Initiative is serving girls in our communities.

   Presented by Benjamin Hazelton, DHS Child Welfare


September 28th: "Girls and the Oregon Youth Authority"

Attendees learned everything they need to know about the young women in the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) which will help them be more effective advocates for these girls and the services and supports they need to succeed.

Presented by Colette Peters, Director of the Oregon Youth Authority


August: No meeting

July:"Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Other Neurobehavioral Conditions"

Attendees learned about the basics of a neurobehavioral framework and the context within which subtle neurobehavioral characteristics may be part of the overall equation when working with youth.

Presented by Diane Malbin, Director of FASCETS, and Jen Frankamp with a case example 


June:"What are programs doing to prepare young women for the work world?"

Attendees learned more about White Shield's "Shadow Box" project and information on all the community support they get from businesses who allow apprenticeships, internships. Attendees also learned about African American women in the trades.

Presented by Esther Harris, Youth Development Coordinator for Salvation Army White Shield Center and Roberta Hunte, a Career Counselor with Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., and adjunct instructor at PSU


May:"Interrupting Oppression"

Attendees learned how to engage in thoughtful, compassionate dialogue when we hear oppression being reiterated in our personal and professional lives.

Presented by Sally Eck, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Instructor at Portland State University


April: "Oregon's Listening Session to inform the priorities for the National Girls Institute"

Attendees will provide input regarding young women involved with, or at risk of involvement with juvenile justice and what they see as the priorities for addressing the needs of girls and young women in their communities.

Facilitated by Project Director Theresa Miller for the National Council on Crime and Delinquency's National Girls Institute 



Members attended a Day at the Legislature and met with 15 Legislators to discuss the Coalition's Legislative Priorities



Members set Primary and Secondary Legislative Priorities to pursue for the 2011 session



Annual meeting at Kennedy School. Attendees heard the State of the Coalition Address and guest speakers addressed the health and well being of girls and young women of color involved in the Department of Human Services, as well as the disparities. 

Keynote Speakers were Tricia Tillman, Administrator for the Oregon Office of Multicultural Health and Services and a young woman speaker Adrienne Croskey