Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access for Girls
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The Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access for Girls' mission is to ensure that girls receive equal access to all of the appropriate gender-specific support and services they need to help them develop to their full potential.

The Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access for Girls (the Coalition) envisions an Oregon in which state and local agencies provide gender equity in all services; respond to the needs of girls at-risk with gender-responsive and culturally specific services; and, play an active role in the effort for social change in the conditions (abuse, oppression and violence) in which many girls and young women live.

 The Coalition believes:

- Every girl possesses her own individual potential and with the right opportunities and support young women can fulfill the promise of their unique strengths and abilities.

- Girls need and deserve the awareness, attention, and commitment of a wide range of individuals to promote their healthy development. 

- Girl’s concerns and perspectives should be included in the design and implementation of programs, policy decisions, and research intended to address their needs. Girls should be included as partners in these activities in ways that help them gain leadership skills, develop supportive relationships, and experience themselves as active participants in social change.